EMMA Cascade controls load from 1 to 300kW

Control loads from 1 kW (single phase) to 300 kW (three phase)

The capacity of the EMMA 3G units, can now be increased by adding extra Pulse-width modulation (PWM) controllers.

The capacity of the standard EMMA 3G (3rd generation) units, due for launch in September 2011, can now be increased up to eight fold by adding up to seven extra Pulse-width modulation (PWM) controllers… each connected to separate loads. These PWM controllers act effectively as one controller ramping the connected loads up and down sequentially or in cascade fashion.

The load controlled by the EMMA unit is ramped up first; the load controlled by the first extra PWM controller is ramped up next, and so on, in a seamlessly smooth continuous operation. This eliminates flicker and ensures compliance with relevant harmonic current limits.

This enables standard EMMA 3G technology to be used to control loads ranging in size from 1 kW (single phase) to 300 kW (three phase).

ELITE Control

The ELITE is the latest addition to the EMMA product family. While we consider it to be the Elite of power diversion and monitoring it is in fact EMMA's little sibling or as we call it EMMA lite.


EMMA Cascade

The modular heating system that can grow and grow


EMMA with Export Control

EMMA with EC allows for installs to have a greater renewable output than the Max Export Capacity (MEC) on site by diverting excess energy to heat.