Cool Power Products Launch the "ELITE"

The new ELITE offers a quick install with rapid generation to load tracking with the 4G Power Throttle incorporating an intuitive touch screen interface showing you exactly what is happening all the time. Couple the ELITE with ELMON and you have remote access to your site through the new CPP portal giving you and your installer complete peace of mind. 


ELITE System Features

  • Intuitive touch screen interface

  • Elite Control is the same size as a double gang socket

  • Wireless communication

  • 7 day programmable heating timer

  • Cumulative meters at your fingertips

  • Super fast install

  • Temperature monitoring without long cables

  • Remote monitoring from the cloud

  • Monitor your production as well as your demand

  • 3 year warranty with fault monitoring

  • Fully CE certified by independent labs and used by UK Network Operators.

  • Remote control via your Cool Power Products Portal of your immersion.

  • No batteries to be replaced.

  • <50ms response times to changes in output and demand.

  • Easy fault detection of your renewable plant with output monitoring

  • Built on 8 years of experience doing only this.

  • No flickering lights, no 100Hz hum, no compliance issues. Pure Sine Wave Dimming Technology.

  • Built on our own flexible platform for future technology additions.

  • ELITE as part of the EMMA product range is protected with multiple patents. 


ELITE System 


The Elite Hub is the core of the Elite system. It monitors import, export, output and demand as a standalone unit. Each power reading is averaged and accumulated in the Elite meters menu. The Elite also displays the temperature of your tank if it is paired with the EMMA 4G Power Throttle.

ELMON Database

ELMON is an abbreviation for Elite Monitoring. Elmon is an addition to the ELITE Hub which records your data to the Cool Power Products EMMAdatabase. The ELMON allows access to the user via the CPP Portal to view their renewable systems performance as well as the import, export and demand they create in a graphical format. Elmon has its own smartphone interface which also allows the customer to turn on and off their imersion remotely.

EMMA 4G Power Throttle

Add in the EMMA 4G Power Throttle and you have a complete system. The Power Throttle automatically pairs with your Elite Hub converting it into an Elite Control Hub where your renewable excess energy is siphoned into the hot water tank. With the EMMA 4G Power Throttle being a separate entity to the Elite Control Hub it can be placed in the hotpress between the existing fuse spur and the immersion on the tank eliminating the need to find cables at the fuse board. As the Power Throttle is beside the tank a temp sensor can easily be installed to monitor the temperature of the tank which is fed back wirelessly to the Elite Control Hub. 

Bring the entire Elite System together

The Elite Control Hub monitors your power profile and controls any excess power diverting it into your hot water tank via the EMMA 4G Power Throttle. The EMMA 4G Power Throttle monitros the temperature of your tank and continuously updates the Elite Control Hub where the temperature is displayed. The power profile data and the temperature of the tank are uploaded to the cloud where the client can access their data. The client can in turn see if they have enough hot water and decide if they want to turn on their immerison remotely via theit smartphone tablet or computer. The system as a whole functions continuously allowing ELMON to build a power profile where the data can be compared year on year and also can be used to identify if the renewable plant is performing properly.

ELITE... Puts you in Control

ELITE Control

The ELITE is the latest addition to the EMMA product family. While we consider it to be the Elite of power diversion and monitoring it is in fact EMMA's little sibling or as we call it EMMA lite.


EMMA Cascade

The modular heating system that can grow and grow


EMMA with Export Control

EMMA with EC allows for installs to have a greater renewable output than the Max Export Capacity (MEC) on site by diverting excess energy to heat.