EMMA GVS – ESB Green Light

After several months of trialling the new technology ESB give the green light for full GVS trials to go ahead.

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Homes and farms will now be able to install up to 50kW wind turbines on their properties with single phase connections. The New ESB Micro-Generator Application Process clears the way for large scale adoption of Coolpower Products’ export control technology with installations of wind turbines and Photovoltaic systems up to 50kW.


Coolpower Products’ Patented EMMA GVS (Energy and MicroGenerator Manager – Grid Voltage Stabilisation) technology is designed specifically for the purpose of controlling export from sites with micro-generators. EMMA GVS units can be used to limit export from sites with 50 kW micro-generators to 6/11 kW in the most efficient way possible.

For a site with a 25kW wind turbine and EMMA GVS on a single phase system it is possible to save €4000 per annum by displacing imported energy and earn €4000 from export of electricity to the network. Overall annual benefit can be in the region of €8000.00 per year. The Return On Investment is in the region of 20% and insulates you from energy inflation. The turbines should be sized to suit the site and available uses for the electricity to avoid waste. Savings will vary according to the site conditions.

EMMA GVS willprioritise how your generated electricity is used. Firstly it is fed to the household for the TV, Cooker, Alarms etc. Any excess is fed to an immersion heater/buffer tank or storage heaters. Only when these are up to temperature will electricity be exported to the grid up to 6kW for a single phase connection and 11kW for a three phase connection. This arrangement gives you the best value from your electricity you generate. The system is connected to the mains so you always have security of supply. A correctly sized microgenerator will have very little excess being wasted and only during extreme conditions. The priority can be altered if the export tariffs change in the future.

NGS Energy in Galway have been key to helping make this happen with their 11kW single phase trial site which was fully set-up to work with EMMA GVS technology.

After over two and a half years of development standard EMMA technology is being rolled out on an increasing number of sites in Ireland, France and the UK. Over 100 have been installed to-date.

ESB Networks support initiative for microgenerators which was confined to microgenerators complying with EN50438 has been extended to domestic customers installing generators up to a maximum capacity of 50kW provided their maximum export capacity (MEC) is up to 6kW single phase or 11kW three phase, this can be achieved using the EMMA GVS.

The basics of the support initiative are:

  • The Public Electricity Supplier (ESB Customer Supply) will offer an export payment of 9 cents per kWh – no limit but subject to MEC.
  • ESB will provide import/export metering free of charge to the first 4,000 domestic customers installing micro-generators in the next 3 years.
  • As an initiative to support micro-generation, ESB will provide an extra support payment of 10 cents per kWh for the first 3,000kWh exported annually.
  • Domestic micro-generators, including farming households, are free to export as much as they wish but will only get the extra 10 cents per kWh for the first 3,000kWh exported annually over a 5 year period.

The process is straight forward and is as follows :-

  • Before installing a generator the customer must apply for a MEC using application form NC5A which is available to download from http://www.esb.ie/esbnetworks/en/commercial-downloads/NC5A.pdf (A number of sections on this form refer to windfarm connections and may be marked as non applicable).
  • The customer will be offered a connection agreement for the level of  MEC, up to 6kW for a single phase connection and 11kW for a 3 phase connection.
  • Once the agreement is signed and returned ESB networks will advise requirements in relation to interface testing after which the customer can contact their electricity supplier to arrange payment for export of electricity.
  • Provided the MEC is up to 6kW for a single phase connection and 11kW for a 3 phase connection there is no generator application fee.

Coolpower Products’ EMMA GVS technology was invented and developed in Ireland.  All EMMA products are manufactured in Ireland. Coolpower Products’ ongoing R & D programme is aimed at continually improving and extending the application of its technology in Ireland and overseas. This programme has been supported by Enterprise Ireland. For further information email info@coolpower.ie , contact our distributors in the Republic of Ireland (see below) or call us on 01 2108344. Have a look at our website -www.coolpowerproducts.com.

Maassen Sustainable Ltd – www.maassen.ie

Micropower ltd – www.micropower.ie

NGS Energy – www.ngsenergy.ie

RES – www.res.ie

Proven Energy – Nothern Ireland – www.provenenergy.com

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