Photos of EMMA GVS RenewableTest Sites

Photos of recently installed EMMA GVS Test Sites in Ireland and UK.

EMMA GVS test site, Lancashire, UK.

EMMA GVS is Cool Power Product’s Energy and Micro-Generator Manager (EMMA) for solar PV, wind and water turbines in its Grid Voltage Stabilisation (GVS) model.

If you want to install a large renewable generator and are having network connection or upgrade issues, EMMA GVS is the answer.

EMMA GVS allows you to:

  • Install generators any size you want
    Including over the UK’s 3.5kW limit. EMMA GVS limits electricity export from your micro- generator to whatever ampage your network operator allows – so you never exceed the permitted threshold.
  • Avoid Network Operator limits
    With EMMA GVS you do not have to spend thousands upgrading the network to fit the PV or turbine you want. You get immediate pay back on sites that would otherwise require a network upgrade costing many times the price of EMMA
  • Avoid expensive network upgrade costs
  • Increase your return on investment in your renewable energy system.

EMMA GVS on a rural test site at a farm in Lancashire, UK.

EMMA GVS also enables you to:

  • Eliminate ‘flicker’
    Flicker occurs when extreme conditions (e.g. storms) cause spikes in the electricity generated. This can cause grid-connection problems. EMMA GVS prevents these spikes.
  • Significantly increase generator output
    on sites with high impedance connections by greatly reducing the frequency and duration of over-voltage trip events.

EMMA GVS – Your ‘Energy Broker’

EMMA GVS gives you maximum financial and environmental returns from your micro-generator. It maximizes cost savings, energy savings and income from feed-in tariffs.

EMMA GVS is quick and easy to install and suitable for new or existing micro-generators on single- or three-phase networks. Different models and sizes are available to suit all micro- generators and networks.

EMMA GVS on location

EMMA GVS (Grid Voltage Stabilisation) being used on a domestic wind turbine at a test site in Galway, Ireland.

EMMA Grid Voltage Stabilisation test sites include the locations below. Installations with wind turbines are flagged in red on the map, and with solar PV shown in yellow:

  • SP40 EMMA GVS + C&F 11kw turbine at Ballygar, Co. Galway, Ireland
  • SP40 GVS + 6kW turbine in Cornwall, UK
  • SP40 GVS + Wind at Ballygar, Galway, Ireland (pictured)
  • SP40 GVS + 15kW turbine in Kilmaine, Co. Mayo, Ireland
  • SP40 GVS + Proven 35-2, 13.7kW turbine in Kilmarnock, Ayrshire, Scotland
  • SP40 GVS + 10kW Airforce wind turbine in Ormskirk, Lancashire, UK (pictured)
  • SP40 GVS + 10kW Airforce wind turbine at Blackburn, Lancashire, UK
  • SP40 GVS + 11 kW solar PV in Oysterhaven, Kinsale, Co. Cork, Ireland

Location of EMMA GVS test sites.

ELITE Control

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EMMA Cascade

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EMMA with Export Control

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