EMMA TP45 Gaia at Devon wildlife haven

Farm moves closer to energy self-sufficiency with the help of EMMA and its 11kw wind turbine.

We have just installed an EMMA TP45 Gaia at the beautiful, 60-acre, West Pitt Farm in Devon. West Pitt Farm is aiming to become self-sufficient for all its electricity, and it already has two wind turbines set on a hilltop above its holiday cottages and eco-lodge. The purpose of the turbines are to provide sufficient power to make the farm’s heated swimming pool carbon neutral and to provide additional power for the site.  The power produced by its Gaia turbine is managed by EMMA.

All 60 acres of West Pitt Farm are enrolled in the Countryside Stewardship Scheme and the farm is managed to enviably high environmental standards. Species-rich grasslands, wetlands and native hedgerows are nurtured by the owners and the farm consequently supports an abundance of rare plants, birds and mammals.

More information, photos and details of the installation will be posted here shortly. In the meantime, check out:

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