EMMA in action during a sunstrike

Stable grid voltage and no tripping, two advantages of having EMMA during a sunstrike.

The graph below shows a classic sun strike on a 20kW solar PV system, causing the system’s output to jump from 2kW to 10kW. In the graph, you can see EMMA instantly bringing the onsite load up to match the sudden increase in output – and thereby keeping the supply voltage stable.

As soon as the sunstrike passes, and output falls again, you can see EMMA reduces the onsite load correspondingly.

Output is shown as the bright red line (the higher of the two red lines).
Demand is shown as the pea-green line, you can see this tracks the red line precisely – thanks to EMMA.

Two benefits of having EMMA in this situation are stable grid voltage and no tripping. If EMMA had not been in place the inverters would have tripped on high voltage and the PV system would have stopped generating power. Without EMMA, the customers would have lost their supply of electricity and the related feed in tariff. With EMMA, everything continued to work perfectly.

EMMA unit: EMMA 3G Cascade SP15/60 GVS
Location: Deer and Dexter farm, near Penrith.

EMMA ensuring you get stable grid voltage and no tripping - EMMA managing solar PV during a sunstrike, Feb 2012.

For an earlier blog post about this site, see EMMA SP15/60 and 20kW PV (17 Jan 2012).

With thanks to Deer and Dexter for allowing us to use data from the EMMA installation on their farm.


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