EMMA GVS Trials on Electricity North West Network (UK)

Electricity North West has set out the terms and conditions for the EMMA Grid Voltage Stabilisation (GVS) trial sites in the UK (see extract below).

Electricity North West Limited owns one of the original fourteen regulated electricity distribution networks in England, Wales and Scotland. They service over 2.3 million customers in the North West of England (view electricity distribution map).

Key points from Electricity North West’s terms and conditions for the use of EMMA GVS on  its network:

As an example, with no system reinforcement a 10kW turbine may be limited to 5kW export and this value would be inserted in item 6 below.  With an EMMA GVS unit this value could be the full capability of 10kW without system reinforcement (reinforcement can typically be £30 / 40k) and this would be inserted in item 3 (restrictions):

Extract from Terms & Conditions:

5.      The Agreed parallel generation will not exceed [insert value] watts.

6.      Your Maximum Export Capacity (MEC) will be [insert value] watts.

7.      The generator installation will comply with G83/1 recommendations.


“To comply with item 6 above it will be necessary to install export limitation but at present there is no CE certified apparatus approved for use on our network. However, an EMMA GVS controller (with proportional export control) by Coolpower Products is CE certified and we have approved its use on a trial basis.

For your installation this has the added advantage that the proportion control can increase export under increased system demand.  The following conditions will apply:

1.      The generator must secure an agreement with Coolpower Products to supply a controller approved on a trial basis by Electricity North West.

2.      For the whole trial period the controller must have ‘logging’ and remote access facilities to enable us to view /download data at no cost to ourselves.

3.      With an EMMA controller your Maximum Export Capacity will be [insert value] watts.

4.      During the trial period we have the right to amend your MEC to match system performance (raise or lower as required).

5.      If at any time during the trial period the EMMA controller proves to give unsatisfactory performance we have the right to apply further restrictions and /or rescind this offer of parallel generation at no cost to ourselves.

6.      At the end of the trial period (determined by ourselves) we will confirm if the EMMA GVS unit is suitable for continued use. Accordingly these terms and conditions may be revised to reflect any change to technical requirements and / or restrictions.”

(End of extract)

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