Introducing Elite; a different type of Energy monitor



Elite –

The Elite is a new product from Cool Power Products targeted at the domestic market for monitoring and power diversion when paired with a Power Throttle. The Elite by itself can be used to monitor the import – export – demand. It also measures output if renewables are installed. It records cumulative data for the above and is useful in identifying where power is being used at a glance with 1 second screen updates. Elite is a much better alternative to other standalone monitoring systems as it differentiates between import and export as well as showing true demand and output where renewables are installed. Other simple clamp on meters measure both import and export as demand and don’t reflect the true figures on a site with the capability of export and varying voltage levels. The Elite also provides a second CT for monitoring output preventing the need for a second monitor. Elite also displays and uploads to Power Factor and RMS voltage which can indicate where a voltage optimiser is a good fit to reduce your electricity bills. Elite comes prebuilt with Zigbee and RS485 connectivity allowing the client to add on products from the Elite range to economise on their electricity usage ensuring future compatibility. Elite is a stylish controller with an intuitive colour touch screen interface that can be installed in 20 minutes.

Elite Key features:

  • Easy to Install
  • Intuitive LCD colour touch screen
  • Monitors and Differentiates between import and export
  • Monitors Generation
  • Monitors Demand
  • Provides realtime data with 1 second screen updates
  • Provides cumulative readings for the above
  • Provides RMS Voltage readings
  • Provides Power Factor readings
  • Sets the foundation for further add-ons from the Elite Range with Zigbee connectivity such as:
    • Power Throttle
    • Smart Plug
    • Appliance Smart UPS
    • Temperature Sensors
    • Elite Cloud monitoring via GPRS and Elmon dashboard.
    • Elite SMART App.

ELITE Control

The ELITE is the latest addition to the EMMA product family. While we consider it to be the Elite of power diversion and monitoring it is in fact EMMA's little sibling or as we call it EMMA lite.


EMMA Cascade

The modular heating system that can grow and grow


EMMA with Export Control

EMMA with EC allows for installs to have a greater renewable output than the Max Export Capacity (MEC) on site by diverting excess energy to heat.