Our Technology

Introducing The new Coolpower products range


The Cool Power Products Range is made up of a number of key components to build multiple types of system. This brochure gives descriptions of the various components across all our systems. These components are detailed in standard systems throughout the document but can be used to create be-spoke systems that are not documented in our pricelist. These components are amalgamated into typical systems making it modular, extendable and easy to build.

The EMMA system has been redesigned to reduce complexity and cost eliminating a number of external entities such as power factor transducers, AC voltage transducers, and reconfiguration of tails to install henley blocks, and much more. The addition of open network GSM communication to our new controllers provides a solid link for remote monitoring in almost all areas of Europe. Our new Modbus RTU/ RS485 control give the ELITE and EPRO systems the ability to control third party hardware with our software such as ABB Inverter and Studer inverter chargers providing inverter limitation capabilities in existing products and peak shaving in our soon to be launched BlueSine Stack system. The hardwired communications link is a crucial element for an export limiting device on the soon to be published ENA "Technical Requirements for Customer Export Limiting Schemes".

ELITE Control

The ELITE is the latest addition to the EMMA product family. While we consider it to be the Elite of power diversion and monitoring it is in fact EMMA's little sibling or as we call it EMMA lite.


EMMA Cascade

The modular heating system that can grow and grow


EMMA with Export Control

EMMA with EC allows for installs to have a greater renewable output than the Max Export Capacity (MEC) on site by diverting excess energy to heat.