Three days of May sunshine

Oh what a perfect (3) day('s)!

Graph showing EMMA matching household demand to PV output. Data was recorded during three days of unbroken May sunshine in Scotland.

This is from a EMMA test site near Kilmarnock in Scotland.
The PV array is 3.68 kWp (Kyocera KD245GH-2PB Modules).
The inverter is a Fronius IG TL3.6.
The EMMA is an EMMA for Home (the new name for EMMA SP15) export controller.

The surplus power from the PV system is being delivered to a 3kW immersion heater.

The graph clearly demonstrates how EMMA keeps household demand in line with PV output during this three days of unbroken May sunshine.

Click for a larger version of this graph.

ELITE Control

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EMMA Cascade

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EMMA with Export Control

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