EMMA 27kW Three Phase Power Diversion with Export Control

EMMA 4G TP45/135 with Export Control

The EMMA 4G TP45/135 with Export Control (EC) has three control hubs and three Power Throttles and six SSR's giving up to 27kW of power to resistive heating loads.

The unit is supplied with:

  • 3 EMMA 4G Control Hub with built in boost button
  • 3 EMMA Power Throttle
  • 3 Temperature Sensor
  • 6 SSR'S
  • 6 no. 50 Amp RMS Current Transducers (Can be larger if specified on larger generation or household load)
  • 3 Year Gaurantee

The unit is not supplied with as standard but will require:

  • 1 Export Control Isolation Relay to open the connection of the renewable source (e.g Inverter) from the grid. This is also known as the GVS Isolation Relay.
  • 1 240V to 24V AC transformer to drive the Isolation Relay and possibly the Store/Alternate load Relay described above.

The unit is not supplied with as standard but may require:

  • 1 or 3 Power Transducers (not an AC transducer) which is used to determine power factor on Asynchronous turbines and some inverters with poor power factor.
  • 1 EMMA Power Transducer Multiplexor where 1 power transduser is used on a balanced output system.
  • 9 Store/Alternate R20 Schrack Relay which is used to switch from the normal heat store to an alternative heat store in export mode and is driven through the EMMA 4G unit via the 24V AC Transformer.
  • 3 R20 Schrack Relays to act as the signal for the G59 shutdown.
EMMA 4.0G Product Installation Manual

The EMMA Product Installation Manual contains all the information you need to complete a successful install of the EMMA System up to 18kW single phase and 54kW three phase.

EMMA 4G Operating Instructions

The EMMA 4G Operating Instructions contain all the end user needs to know for understanding the various screens of information and settings on the EMMA unit.

27kW 3 Phase Energy and Micro-Gen Manager with EC

The TP45/135 4.0G with Export control can divert up to 27kW of power to resistive heating through 9 x 3kW resistive heaters with three on each phase.

TP45/135 with EC DNO SLD

The TP45/135 4.0G with Export Control DNO Single Line Diagram for Export Limited Applications.

LEM RMS Current Transducer datasheet

Our older range of LEM CT's ranged in size from 20Amp to 150Amp RMS current measurment with an aperature diameter of 16mm.

HQ Sensing RMS 0 - 10VDC CT data sheet

Our HQ Sensing CT's range in current measurement from 100Amps to 500Amps with Aperatures of 16mm to 36mm in diameter to fit from domestic to industrial scale needs.

Standard EMMA CT Placement Schematic

This schematic describes where to put the RMS CT's for a standard EMMA system.

Distribution Board Wiring

Schematic detailing the correct placement of CT's for a 4G EMMA system. NOTE: This does not apply to the ELITE.

Schrack Relay 20Amp DPDT data sheet.

The Schrack Dual Pole Dual Throw (DPDT) relay is used in EMMA systems where a stare and alternate load is available. the data sheet contains the extract of the data sheet relevant to the R20 which is used for switch over function of the EMMA system if it is part of the install.

HW Temp Sensor Installation Guide

If your tank doesn't have a probe pocket the following procedure can be used to fit a temp sensor to a tank.

SSR Dimensioned Drawing

The SSR (Solid State Relay) dimensioned drawing describes the size of the SSR for installation purposes and also demonstrates how it is wired.

Power Factor Transducer on EMMA

This Schematic shows how an ELtime Power Transducer is wired up with an EMMA system. This item is not dispatched as standard and is normally recommend by Cool Power Products for particular types of renewable plant.

EMMA 4G Power Transducer Multiplex Wiring

The EMMA 4G Three phase systems can sometimes use a single power transducer on a three phase system to determine when renewable plant is in standby using poor power factor power and when it is actually producing. The Power Transducer schematic shows how the power transducer can be wired through the EMMA multiplex to send the signal to all three phases.

ELITE Control

The ELITE is the latest addition to the EMMA product family. While we consider it to be the Elite of power diversion and monitoring it is in fact EMMA's little sibling or as we call it EMMA lite.


EMMA Cascade

The modular heating system that can grow and grow


EMMA with Export Control

EMMA with EC allows for installs to have a greater renewable output than the Max Export Capacity (MEC) on site by diverting excess energy to heat.